Cracking PDFs and ZIP files

Concept of cloud datacenter system security Premium Vector

Password protecting your files using a password is a great way to add additional security controls. The problem is, there are tools out there that can crack them. You may also be in a situation where you can’t remember the password of a file.

Below is a simple run through on some tools you can use to recover/break those files.

You will need a wordlist to successfully crack password protected files.
How to create these wordlists can be found here:

Fcrackzip is a tool which you can use in order to crack password protected ZIP files.

apt-get install fcrackzip

-b Brute force algorithm
-D Dictionary attack
-v Verbose
-p Use a password file
-u use unzip to weed out wrong passwords

fcrackzip -u -D -v -p [Wordlist] [Target Zip]


PDFcrack is another tool that you can use and focuses on PDF files.

apt-get install pdfcrack

pdfcrack [PDF name] -w [Wordlist location]


If using Kali or Parrot these tools will come pre-installed.


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