Searching The Dark Web

DarkSearch is “the first real search engine of the Dark Web” (thier own words).

“DarkSearch is both a tool to facilitate the work of cybersecurity cabinets but also a tool that addresses directly to their customers (companies).”

The Dark Web can be a scary place for some but for others, quite useful. If your emails, credentials or company/personal data has been stolen, it will most likely end up on here. If you have a way of identifying it, you might be able to prevent against future attacks. Things like changing passwords if credentials have leaked or investigating potential security gaps if sensitive information is found.

You won’t be able to open the link however unless you are connected to the TOR network. For those who aren’t aware, TOR (The Onion Router) is an anonymizing computer network. To access the TOR network, you will need to use services such as the TOR browser, Orbot or Orfox.

DarkSearch V1 is mainly for research purposes at the minute. Because you can view indexed sites, you can search the Dark Web without having to be on the TOR network. You could search for past breaches, your company name, employees or domain. Who knows, you might get luckily. It’s not all sunshine’s and rainbows though so just be careful.

If you are going to use DarkSearch whilst connected to the TOR network, be very careful what you click. These sites aren’t as friendly as they are on Google and may contain malware, phishing or some very graphic content. This is where criminals and black hat hackers operate so just be cautious when clicking links. It’s not all bad though. Many people use TOR because they want to remain anonymous and don’t want companies such as Google and Facebook tracking their every move. Certain Governments have also been known to use TOR.

If you are interested in searching the Dark Web, you can also use a service called Ahmia.

Similar to DarkSearch, you will need to be on the TOR network if you are to access the services.


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