Useful Sites To Help Identify A Phish

Below are a few sites which can help you identify if the site or email in question is a phish/fake.

VirusTotal –

VirusTotal is a site which allows you to check files and websites to see if they’re safe. The service is free and you will get a lot of information back. This is a simple and quick way to verify a site or file.

Simply enter the URL and click search:

If the site is Green, it is believed to be safe. If red, the site has some malicious content.

Zulu –

Zulu is another site in which you can scan the URL for threats. Zscalers business is securing the web so their database is vast when it comes to malicious sites.

Search for you site and wait for the results. Zulu will let you know if there is something malicious on the site.

URLScan – is another free site which allows you to check if the URL is malicious. The added benefit of this site is that it allows you to view it after it has loaded. Type in the URL and Scan.

Once loaded, it will show you how the site reacts. If it has any malicious links or does anything strange.

Trumail –

If the link was shared in an email, can you be sure it wasn’t a phish?
Trumail is a site in which can identify if the mailbox was a burner or genuine. Most phishers are sent from a temporary or disposable mailbox as to not leave a trace.  

Searching the email address from the sender could help you identify a phish. Remember though that emails can be spoofed.

These are simple quick checks which could help you identify a fake site or phish.

For more Information on Phishing:


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    […] It’s important to remember that it won’t just be about the “cure”. Governments and countries are offering finical support or loans. Phishers will use this model in their attacks, and you may start to see them in your inbox. Again, my advice would be that if it looks too good to be true, fake or phishy, go direct. If you are a little more confident, you can do the following: […]


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