CtrlAltDel Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in one of my extensions. Please see the following policy per extension:

————– Phish-Friend ————–

Phish-Friend can help educate you on how to spot Phishing attempts. I created it to help fight the war on Phishing. The extension is designed for personal use.

What Data Do We Collect?
The Phish-Friend Chrome Extension does not store, share or collect any information from it’s users. The extension is self contained. Phish-Friend is not responsible or enables any analytics or tracking Google implements for it’s Chrome browser.

What Permission Do We Need?
Phish-Friend needs permissions to the users ‘ActiveTab’ and ‘Tabs’. It does this so that it can compare the URL visited and help identify any Phishing attempts. Phish-Friend doesn’t forward this information externally.

Other Information
Phish-Friend is used to help educate and help users stay safe online. There is currently no silver bullet for Phishing attacks and can therefore not be held responsible for any incident. The tool does not claim to 100% protect the user from attacks. The ‘safe’ indication is only assigned to a small number of sites which is known as of the date published.

————– Purple-Pages ————–

Purple pages does not collect any information about the user. It only provides links to online resources which can assist them during investigations or red/blue team operations.

ctrlaltdel.blog does not own these sites and are not accountable for what or how they are used.

Contact Us
If you have any concerns or are interested in the product, you can contact me at contact@ctrlaltdel.blog


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