PSBruteZip: Crack Zip Passwords Using PowerShell

PSBruteZip allows you to brute force your way into Zip files should you have forgotten the password. A pre-req is that 7Zip is installed as it uses their commands. They function is better than Windows (I find).

How To Run:


  • 7Zip Installed
  • To have a zip file and know the location
  • To have a wordlist and know the location

Once it has these details, it will run through and crack the password, as so:

This has been tested on different zip formats such as 7Zips own however can be tweaked should it fail.

Should you need to, I’ve already covered how to generate your own Wordlist:

It’s obvious but just to be sure: I don’t own 7Zip, not so I claim too.


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