Grabify is a service that can help you identify who is on the receiving end of your chats or emails.

Grabify is a service that can help you identify who is on the receiving end of your chats or emails. You may have heard of the service as it has been made popular by the TV show Catfish.

The link to the site is:

Simply paste your link in the field and select Create URL
If you have already done this, you can also enter your Tracking Code to review your link.

Once done, you will see something like this. You can then either use the generic URL they have create or customize it. To do this, select Domain Name at the top.

This will give you some customization options. Not many people will know what Grabify is but if you want to try and trick them, you can use one of the many options provided. As well as this, you have the option to use a shorten URL tool:

This will give you a better chance of tricking the end user. You can also go direct to the site and enter the given URL. For example

One thing to note is that the end user will see any redirects that the services have setup, like so:

You can use the SmartLogger which will try and provide more information. It seems to work a lot faster however, adverts will be shown which isn’t usual for a redirect site. 
To enable this, simply click the toggle.

If they did manage to click on the link, you results will appear below

With this information, you could use sites such as Extreme IP or simply click on the log and get more information. What you are mainly looking for is the Country. If you friend lives in the UK and you see Spain. It is most likely not them.

Although this is a simple example, Grabify could help you track who is on the receiving end.


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