Morning Bowl – 2022-11-28

Morning Bowl

Welcome to another Morning Bowl breakout:

Voice-scamming site “iSpoof” seized, 100s arrested in massive crackdown
Those numbers or names that pop up when a call comes up? They’re OK as a hint of who’s calling, but THEY PROVE NOTHING
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Chrome fixes 8th zero-day of 2022 – check your version now
There isn’t a rhyme to remind you which months have browser zero-days… you just have to keep your eyes and ears open!
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Elon Musk Confirms Twitter 2.0 will Bring End-to-End Encryption to Direct Messages
Twitter chief executive Elon Musk confirmed plans for end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for direct messages on the platform.
The feature is part of Musk’s vision for Twitter 2.0, which is expected to be what’s called an “everything app.” Other functionalities include longform tweets and payments, according to a slide deck shared by Musk over the weekend.

The company’s plans for
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