Lunch Time Nibbles – 2022-12-07


Welcome to another Lunch Time breakout:

Microsoft Alerts Cryptocurrency Industry of Targeted Cyber Attacks
Cryptocurrency investment companies are the target of a developing threat cluster that uses Telegram groups to seek out potential victims.
Microsoft’s Security Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) is tracking the activity under the name DEV-0139, and builds upon a recent report from Volexity that attributed the same set of attacks to North Korea’s Lazarus Group.
“DEV-0139 joined Telegram groups
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Russian Hackers Spotted Targeting U.S. Military Weapons and Hardware Supplier
A state-sponsored hacking group with links to Russia has been linked to attack infrastructure that spoofs the Microsoft login page of Global Ordnance, a legitimate U.S.-based military weapons and hardware supplier.
Recorded Future attributed the new infrastructure to a threat activity group it tracks under the name TAG-53, and is broadly known by the cybersecurity community as Callisto,
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Elon Musk’s Twitter followers targeted in fake crypto giveaway scam
Twitter accounts giving Elon Musk a follow are being targeted in a crypto giveaway scam dubbed ‘Freedom Giveaway.’ […]
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New Vivaldi version integrates Mastodon into the browser sidebar
Vivaldi 5.6 was released today with a Mastodon client integrated directly into the browser’s sidebar, seamlessly incorporating the rising social media platform in the browser’s interface. […]
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