Afternoon Dessert – 2022-12-15


Welcome to another Afternoon Dessert breakout:

Microsoft Reclassifies SPNEGO Extended Negotiation Security Vulnerability as ‘Critical’
Microsoft has revised the severity of a security vulnerability it originally patched in September 2022, upgrading it to “Critical” after it emerged that it could be exploited to achieve remote code execution.
Tracked as CVE-2022-37958 (CVSS score: 8.1), the flaw was previously described as an information disclosure vulnerability in SPNEGO Extended Negotiation (NEGOEX) Security Mechanism.
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Researchers Uncover MirrorFace Cyber Attacks Targeting Japanese Political Entities
A Chinese-speaking advanced persistent threat (APT) actor codenamed MirrorFace has been attributed to a spear-phishing campaign targeting Japanese political establishments.
The activity, dubbed Operation LiberalFace by ESET, specifically focused on members of an unnamed political party in the nation with the goal of delivering an implant called LODEINFO and a hitherto unseen credential stealer
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LEGO BrickLink bugs let hackers hijack accounts, breach servers
Security analysts have discovered two API security vulnerabilities in, LEGO Group’s official second-hand and vintage marketplace for LEGO bricks. […]
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How Gcore uses regular expressions to block DDoS attacks
In DDoS Protection, Gcore uses the bundle of XDP and regular expressions (regex). This article will explain why Gcore started using this solution (regex in XDP) and how they bound them via a third-party engine and API development. […]
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Social Blade confirms breach after hacker posts stolen user data
Social media analytics platform Social Blade has confirmed they suffered a data breach after its database was breached and put up for sale on a hacking forum. […]
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Hackers target Japanese politicians with new MirrorStealer malware
A hacking group tracked as MirrorFace has been targeting Japanese politicians for weeks before the House of Councilors election in July 2022, using a previously undocumented credentials stealer named ‘MirrorStealer.’ […]
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Apple patches everything, finally reveals mystery of iOS 16.1.2
There’s an update for everything this time, not just for iOS.
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Patch Tuesday: 0-days, RCE bugs, and a curious tale of signed malware
Tales of derring-do in the cyberunderground! (And some zero-days.)
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Ukrainian govt networks breached via trojanized Windows 10 installers
Ukrainian government entities were hacked in targeted attacks after their networks were first compromised via trojanized ISO files posing as legitimate Windows 10 installers. […]
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S3 Ep113: Pwning the Windows kernel – the crooks who hoodwinked Microsoft [Audio + Text]
Return o’ the rookit, super-sneaky wireless spyware, credit card skimming, and patches galore. Listen and learn!
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Phishing attack uses Facebook posts to evade email security
A new phishing campaign uses Facebook posts as part of its attack chain to trick users into giving away their account credentials and personally identifiable information (PII). […]
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