Afternoon Dessert – 2023-01-03


Welcome to another Afternoon Dessert breakout:

Enforcement vs. Enrollment-based Security: How to Balance Security and Employee Trust
Challenges with an enforcement-based approach
An enforcement-based approach to security begins with a security policy backed by security controls, often heavy-handed and designed to prevent employees from engaging in risky behavior or inadvertently expanding the potential attack surface of an organization. 
Most organizations exclusively use enforcement-based security controls, usually carried
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Synology fixes maximum severity vulnerability in VPN routers
Taiwan-based NAS maker Synology has addressed a maximum (10/10) severity vulnerability affecting routers configured to run as VPN servers. […]
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Royal ransomware claims attack on Queensland University of Technology
The Royal ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for a recent cyberattack on the Queensland University of Technology and begun to leak data allegedly stolen during the security breach. […]
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Inside a scammers’ lair: Ukraine busts 40 in fake bank call-centre raid
When someone calls you up to warn you that your bank account is under attack – it’s true, because THAT VERY PERSON is the one attacking you!
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Poland warns of attacks by Russia-linked Ghostwriter hacking group
The Polish government is warning of a spike in cyberattacks from Russia-linked hackers, including the state-sponsored hacking group known as GhostWriter. […]
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BitRAT malware campaign uses stolen bank data for phishing
Threat actors behind a recent malware campaign have been using the stolen information of bank customers in Colombia as lures in phishing emails designed to infect them with the BitRAT remote access trojan, according to cloud security firm Qualys. […]
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