Afternoon Dessert – 2023-01-05


Welcome to another Afternoon Dessert breakout:

Bluebottle Cybercrime Group Preys on Financial Sector in French-Speaking African Nations
A cybercrime group dubbed Bluebottle has been linked to a set of targeted attacks against the financial sector in Francophone countries located in Africa from at least July 2022 to September 2022.
“The group makes extensive use of living-off-the-land, dual use tools, and commodity malware, with no custom malware deployed in this campaign,” Symantec, a division of Broadcom Software, said in a
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Hackers use CAPTCHA bypass to make 20K GitHub accounts in a month
South African threat actors known as ‘Automated Libra’ has been improving its techniques to make a profit by using cloud platform resources for cryptocurrency mining. […]
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SpyNote Android malware infections surge after source code leak
The Android malware family tracked as SpyNote (or SpyMax) has had a sudden increase in detections in the final quarter of 2022, which is attributed to a source code leak of one of its latest, known as ‘CypherRat.’ […]
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Blind Eagle Hackers Return with Refined Tools and Sophisticated Infection Chain
A financially motivated threat actor tracked as Blind Eagle has resurfaced with a refined toolset and an elaborate infection chain as part of its attacks targeting organizations in Colombia and Ecuador.
Check Point’s latest research offers new insights into the Spanish-speaking group’s tactics and techniques, including the use of sophisticated tools and government-themed lures to activate the
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WhatsApp adds proxy support to help bypass Internet blocks
Starting today, WhatsApp now allows users to connect via proxy servers due to Internet shutdowns or if their governments block the service in their country. […]
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Serious Security: How to improve cryptography, resist supply chain attacks, and handle data breaches
Lessons for us all: improve cryptography, fight cybercrime, own your supply chain… and don’t steal my data and then pretend you’re sorry.
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S3 Ep116: Last straw for LastPass? Is crypto doomed? [Audio + Text]
Lots of big issues this week: breaches, encryption, supply chains and patching problems. Listen now! (Full transcript inside.)
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ChatGPT banned in NYC schools over learning impact concerns
The NYC Department of Education has banned the use of ChatGPT by students and teachers in New York City schools as there are serious concerns about its use hampering learning and leading to misinformation. […]
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France fines Apple for targeted App Store ads without consent
France’s data protection authority (CNIL) has fined Apple €8,000,000 ($8.5M) for collecting user data for targeted advertising on the App Store without requesting or securing the user’s consent. […]
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