Morning Bowl – 2023-01-07


Welcome to another Morning Bowl breakout:

The Week in Ransomware – January 6th 2023 – Targeting Healthcare
This week saw a lot of ransomware news, ranging from new extortion tactics, to a ransomware gang giving away a free decryptor after attacking a children’s hospital. […]
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SlideTeam – 1,464,271 breached accounts
In April 2021, the "world’s largest collection of pre-designed presentation slides" SlideTeam had 1.4M records breached and later published to a popular hacking forum the following year. Allegedly sourced from a compromised Magento instance, the data included names, email addresses and passwords stored as salted hashes.
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DoorDash – 367,476 breached accounts
In August 2022, the food ordering and delivery service DoorDash disclosed a data breach that impacted a portion of their customers. DoorDash attributed the breach to an unnamed "third-party vendor" they stated was the victim of a phishing campaign. The incident exposed 367k unique personal email addresses alongside names, post codes and partial card data, namely the brand, expiry data and last four digits of the card.
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