Afternoon Dessert – 2023-01-11


Welcome to another Afternoon Dessert breakout:

Australian Healthcare Sector Targeted in Latest Gootkit Malware Attacks
A wave of Gootkit malware loader attacks has targeted the Australian healthcare sector by leveraging legitimate tools like VLC Media Player.
Gootkit, also called Gootloader, is known to employ search engine optimization (SEO) poisoning tactics (aka spamdexing) for initial access. It typically works by compromising and abusing legitimate infrastructure and seeding those sites with common keywords
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Royal Mail halts international services after cyberattack
The Royal Mail, UK’s leading mail delivery service, has stopped its international shipping services due to “severe service disruption” caused by what it described as a “cyber incident.” […]
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Gootkit malware abuses VLC to infect healthcare orgs with Cobalt Strike
The Gootkit loader malware operators are running a new SEO poisoning campaign that abuses VLC Media Player to infect Australian healthcare entities with Cobalt Strike beacons. […]
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New Analysis Reveals Raspberry Robin Can be Repurposed by Other Threat Actors
A new analysis of Raspberry Robin’s attack infrastructure has revealed that it’s possible for other threat actors to repurpose the infections for their own malicious activities, making it an even more potent threat.
Raspberry Robin (aka QNAP worm), attributed to a threat actor dubbed DEV-0856, is malware that has increasingly come under the radar for being used in attacks aimed at finance,
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Cisco warns of auth bypass bug with public exploit in EoL routers
Cisco warned customers today of a critical authentication bypass vulnerability with public exploit code affecting multiple end-of-life (EoL) VPN routers. […]
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