Lunch Time Nibbles – 2023-01-16


Welcome to another Lunch Time breakout:

New Backdoor Created Using Leaked CIA’s Hive Malware Discovered in the Wild
Unidentified threat actors have deployed a new backdoor that borrows its features from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)’s Hive multi-platform malware suite, the source code of which was released by WikiLeaks in November 2017.
“This is the first time we caught a variant of the CIA Hive attack kit in the wild, and we named it xdr33 based on its embedded Bot-side certificate CN=xdr33,”
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CISA Warns for Flaws Affecting Industrial Control Systems from Major Manufacturers
The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released several Industrial Control Systems (ICS) advisories warning of critical security flaws affecting products from Sewio, InHand Networks, Sauter Controls, and Siemens.
The most severe of the flaws relate to Sewio’s RTLS Studio, which could be exploited by an attacker to “obtain unauthorized access to the server, alter
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Avast releases free BianLian ransomware decryptor
Security software company Avast has released a free decryptor for the BianLian ransomware strain to help victims of the malware recover locked files without paying the hackers. […]
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A Secure User Authentication Method – Planning is More Important than Ever
When considering authentication providers, many organizations consider the ease of configuration, ubiquity of usage, and technical stability. Organizations cannot always be judged on those metrics alone. There is an increasing need to evaluate company ownership, policies and the stability, or instability, that it brings.
How Leadership Change Affects Stability
In recent months, a salient example
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