Afternoon Dessert – 2023-01-18


Welcome to another Afternoon Dessert breakout:

Product Security Incident Response: Key Strategies and Best Practices
Organizations should have a plan to identify and address vulnerabilities in their products. This is where the role of a Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) comes into play. […]
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Microsoft: Windows 11 apps might not start after system restore
Microsoft has acknowledged a new bug affecting some Windows 11 applications triggering launch issues and causing them to display errors after a system restore. […]
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New York man defrauded thousands using credit cards sold on dark web
A New York resident has pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit bank fraud using stolen credit cards purchased on dark web cybercrime marketplaces. […]
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Earth Bogle Campaign Unleashes NjRAT Trojan on Middle East and North Africa
An ongoing campaign dubbed Earth Bogle is leveraging geopolitical-themed lures to deliver the NjRAT remote access trojan to victims across the Middle East and North Africa.
“The threat actor uses public cloud storage services such as files[.]fm and failiem[.]lv to host malware, while compromised web servers distribute NjRAT,” Trend Micro said in a report published Wednesday.
Phishing emails,
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Bitzlato crypto exchange seized for ransomware, drugs money laundering
The U.S. Department of Justice arrested and charged Russian national Anatoly Legkodymov, the founder of the Hong Kong-registered cryptocurrency exchange Bitzlato, with helping cybercriminals allegedly launder illegally obtained money. […]
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Serious Security: Unravelling the LifeLock “hacked passwords” story
Four straight-talking tips to improve your online security, whether you’re a LifeLock customer or not.
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