Lunch Time Nibbles – 2023-01-27


Welcome to another Lunch Time breakout:

3 Lifehacks While Analyzing Orcus RAT in a Malware Sandbox
Orcus is a Remote Access Trojan with some distinctive characteristics. The RAT allows attackers to create plugins and offers a robust core feature set that makes it quite a dangerous malicious program in its class.
RAT is quite a stable type that always makes it to the top.
ANY.RUN’s top malware types in 2022
That’s why you’ll definitely come across this type in your practice, and the Orcus
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British Cyber Agency Warns of Russian and Iranian Hackers Targeting Key Industries
The U.K. National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) on Thursday warned of spear-phishing attacks mounted by Russian and Iranian state-sponsored actors for information-gathering operations.
“The attacks are not aimed at the general public but targets in specified sectors, including academia, defense, government organizations, NGOs, think tanks, as well as politicians, journalists and activists,” the
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Researchers Discover New PlugX Malware Variant Spreading via Removable USB Devices
Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a PlugX sample that employs sneaky methods to infect attached removable USB media devices in order to propagate the malware to additional systems.
“This PlugX variant is wormable and infects USB devices in such a way that it conceals itself from the Windows operating file system,” Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 researchers Mike Harbison and Jen Miller-Osborn 
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