Morning Bowl – 2023-01-28


Welcome to another Morning Bowl breakout:

The Week in Ransomware – January 27th 2023 – ‘We hacked the hackers’
For the most part, this week has been relatively quiet regarding ransomware attacks and researcher — that is, until the FBI announced the disruption of the Hive ransomware operation. […]
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Ukraine Hit with New Golang-based ‘SwiftSlicer’ Wiper Malware in Latest Cyber Attack
Ukraine has come under a fresh cyber onslaught from Russia that involved the deployment of a previously undocumented Golang-based data wiper dubbed SwiftSlicer.
ESET attributed the attack to Sandworm, a nation-state group linked to Military Unit 74455 of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (GRU).
“Once executed it deletes shadow
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