Morning Bowl – 2023-01-29


Welcome to another Morning Bowl breakout:

Researchers to release VMware vRealize Log RCE exploit, patch now
Security researchers with Horizon3’s Attack Team will release next week an exploit targeting a vulnerability chain for gaining remote code execution on unpatched VMware vRealize Log Insight appliances. […]
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Hackers use new SwiftSlicer wiper to destroy Windows domains
Security researchers have identified a new data-wiping malware they named SwiftSlicer that aims to overwrite crucial files used by the Windows operating system. […]
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Gootkit Malware Continues to Evolve with New Components and Obfuscations
The threat actors associated with the Gootkit malware have made “notable changes” to their toolset, adding new components and obfuscations to their infection chains.
Google-owned Mandiant is monitoring the activity cluster under the moniker UNC2565, noting that the usage of the malware is “exclusive to this group.”
Gootkit, also called Gootloader, is spread through compromised websites that
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