Afternoon Dessert – 2023-01-31


Welcome to another Afternoon Dessert breakout:

You Don’t Know Where Your Secrets Are
Do you know where your secrets are? If not, I can tell you: you are not alone.
Hundreds of CISOs, CSOs, and security leaders, whether from small or large companies, don’t know either. No matter the organization’s size, the certifications, tools, people, and processes: secrets are not visible in 99% of cases.
It might sound ridiculous at first: keeping secrets is an obvious first thought when
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Microsoft Defender can now isolate compromised Linux endpoints
Microsoft announced today that it added device isolation support via Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) on onboarded Linux devices. […]
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Using the Wazuh SIEM and XDR platform to meet PCI DSS compliance
Wazuh is a free, open source security platform that unifies XDR and SIEM capabilities. Here’s how Wazuh helps implement PCI DSS compliance for your organization. […]
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Microsoft disables verified partner accounts used for OAuth phishing
Microsoft has disabled multiple fraudulent, verified Microsoft Partner Network accounts for creating malicious OAuth applications that breached organizations’ cloud environments to steal email. […]
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Exploit released for critical VMware vRealize RCE vulnerability
Horizon3 security researchers have released proof-of-concept (PoC) code for a VMware vRealize Log Insight vulnerability chain that allows attackers to gain remote code execution on unpatched appliances. […]
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Microsoft Edge is getting split screen mode – here’s how to enable it
Microsoft Edge is getting a new “split screen” feature that lets you view two websites in one window by allowing you to split tabs across the screen. […]
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PoS malware can block contactless payments to steal credit cards
New versions of the Prilex point-of-sale malware can block secure, NFC-enabled contactless credit card transactions, forcing consumers to insert credit cards that are then stolen by the malware. […]
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Microsoft: Over 100 threat actors deploy ransomware in attacks
Microsoft revealed today that its security teams are tracking more than 100 threat actors deploying ransomware during attacks. […]
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