Morning Bowl – 2023-02-01


Welcome to another Morning Bowl breakout:

New Sh1mmer ChromeBook exploit unenrolls managed devices
A new exploit called ‘Sh1mmer’ allows users to unenroll an enterprise-managed Chromebook, enabling them to install any apps they wish and bypass device restrictions. […]
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Additional Supply Chain Vulnerabilities Uncovered in AMI MegaRAC BMC Software
Two more supply chain security flaws have been disclosed in AMI MegaRAC Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) software, nearly two months after three security vulnerabilities were brought to light in the same product.
Firmware security firm Eclypsium said the two shortcomings were held back until now to provide AMI additional time to engineer appropriate mitigations.
The issues, collectively
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Hackers Abused Microsoft’s “Verified Publisher” OAuth Apps to Hack Corporate Email Accounts
Microsoft on Tuesday said it took steps to disable fake Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) accounts that were used for creating malicious OAuth applications as part of a malicious campaign designed to breach organizations’ cloud environments and steal email.
“The applications created by these fraudulent actors were then used in a consent phishing campaign, which tricked users into granting
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