Cyber Security

Exploring The Zero Trust Model

Now right off the bat you might think that Zero Trust is basically a concept of not trusting anything at all, but you would be wrong. It’s more around having the ability to issue/validate trust for systems and users that interact on your network. This is because you accept that fact that your internal network is not secure…….

Using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Recently, Netflix’s ‘The Great Hack’ has sparked a lot of interest around data privacy. The documentary covers Cambridge Analytica and how they abused user’s data, so that they could push an “agenda” for the highest bidder…..

How The Phishers Phish

When thinking of phishing, you might think of ‘Winning the Nigeran lottery’ or ‘Paying a small holding fee so that a prince can make you rich’. These were common attempts back in the day and the aim was to trick you so that you would send the scammer money. Since then, Phisher-men and women have evolved and are now using new techniques. What these people want though are very different things. Nowadays these types of attacks aim to steal personal details, credentials, money or even to infect the users machine……

Reverse Shells and Controlling Webcams

If you have a piece of tape covering your webcam, you have most likely heard that hackers or the NSA can remotely spy on you. The question is how? How can someone far away, that you have never met be able to get a remote connection to your machine and spy on you?  Now it …

Creating Secure Passwords

Although SSO, OTP and MFA are starting to become the norm, we are still reliant on passwords to secure our accounts. This is true for both our work and personal life. But how do you make a secure password?

The Adverse Effect Of Restricting The Internet

As the fight continues to control and sensor the internet, people are left wondering, will it even make a difference? The short answer is, probably not. Thinking back to my school days, I remember the IT staff trying to lock down the computers in the library. Things like Ask Jeeves ( were blocked and they …

Check How Exposed Are You On The Internet

If you’re a large organization, hiring a Cyber security firm to audit your security posture is a no brainer. Everything is exploitable and thinking that you are 100% secure nowadays is naive. You can purchase the best of the best security stack but no matter what, there will always be a weak chain somewhere. This is why these services exist. So that they help identify the gaps and help re-mediate them before someone malicious exploits them.

Check How Exposed You Are Online Part 2

The second part to checking how exposed you are online.

Handing Over The Reins To Your Endpoint Solution

With these cloud solutions comes fancy new toys and potential money saving opportunities. All this seems like a no brainer but what do you lose?

Why Securing Your Email Account Is Important

This is aimed at non-technical users like my mum, that may not be aware of the risks out there. This will hopefully help you to secure your account…

Enabling MFA On Shared Service Accounts

Protecting shared service accounts is always a hard task, especially when they have admin privileges. Here is a few things you can do to help you protect them using MFA.

How Company Branding Could Help Protect Your Microsoft Credentials.

Phishing isn’t something new. In fact, today, it’s one of the most common forms of cybercrime. Although we are all aware of it and even have services/software to help detect it, Phisherman still have great success. Even with all these security controls in place, Phishing emails still get through using simple spoofing techniques and open …


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