More About Me….

I will keep this obscure and high level so that I don’t give the game away. After all, I am in security. What I would say about me is, what I lack in acronyms next to my name, I make up in practical knowledge/experience.

Where my career began…..

I attended Sheffield Hallam University where I graduated with a ‘First‘ in BSC (hons) Computing. I then started my journey from a Graduate First Line Analyst to a Senior Infrastructure Security Engineer.

During this time, I’ve gained skills and knowledge across a whole range of technical areas as well as built soft skills from the ground up. Skills which play a big part in my current role.

Throughout this journey I’ve designed, built and supported several solutions, services and security controls. This ranges from simple policies and processes to ensure passwords are shared securely, right up to designing and implementing solutions for remote access or anti virus.

I’ve also planned and consolidated these systems which was no easy task. I’m not afraid of change….

My day to day role is Security, so this is where my efforts are focused.
The job itself covers a wide range of Security areas, such as:

Since I have a passion for Security, in my free time, when I’m not working or with my family, I’m developing this site (

The site itself should show you some of the skills and interests I have.
From an enterprise view, I would say these would be of interest:

So that’s a little more about me. I’m basically a guy who has a serious passion for cyber security and wants to develop his career in it.

If you did want to contact me about a job, event or anything that you would think would interest me, please feel free to contact me:


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